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Where did we come from?

Huddersfield Tomiki Aikido Club, affiliated with the British Aikido Association and partnered with Bradford Tomiki Aikido Club is a club that has been founded by students of Bradford Tomiki Aikido Club, Ichiban Leeds / Leeds Central Aikido. The aim of the club is to preserve and expand the exposure of Sport Aikido in the Kirkless area.

Please see below the history of where we have come from.

British Aikido Association (BAA)

The British Aikido Association was founded in 1966 in order to promote and maintain the ethical and technical standards of Tomiki Aikido in the United Kingdom.

There are BAA approved Clubs & Dojo in all parts of Britain. On an international basis the BAA is affiliated to the Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation (WSAF).

Under the auspices of the BAA, international instructors are brought to Britain at regular intervals to further promote and develop Aikido in this country. The BAA has a formal grading syllabus and promotion structure. The BAA sets qualification requirements for examiners, judges and referees and maintains a register of all such officials and the standards they have attained.

Bradford Tomiki Aikido Club – Partner Club

Bradford Tomiki Aikido Club (BTA) was founded by Bob Jones (8th Dan) at Bradford University and was then handed to Chandra Kaur (3rd Dan) when Bob later decided to open another club in Leeds. Chandra Kaur then handed the club over to Garrett Baxter (5th Dan) who now runs the Bradford Club.

 BTA has a notorious reputation thanks to lead instructor Garrett who has devoted over 30 years coaching the club and has produced one of the most successful team reputations winning titles in Junior, Senior competitions (Northern, National, Southern, European and World championships). Huddersfield Tomiki Aikido Club was opened by students of Garrett Baxter with the desire to preserve and expand sport Aikido.

Worldwide Sport Aikido Federation (WSAF)

The Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation (WSAF) was established in 2016 as the International Governing Body to manage and promote competitive “Sport Aikido”.

The WSAF is registered in Switzerland as a not for profit “Verein” a community interest company. Competitions are open to all Aikidoka and groups irrespective of association; affiliation or the style of Aikido practised. ​The WSAF shall be inclusive, democratic, and international with equal international representation as a core principle.

The WSAF has orgnaised international Aikido competitions in UK (London), Japan (Tenri) and USA (San Diego).